Where to Find DAQRI at CES

January 04, 2017

where to find daqri at ces 1
CES is the global consumer electronics and technology tradeshow that returns to Las Vegas, Nevada every January. It is here that the public often gets their first glance of emerging technologies. At last year’s CES, we unveiled DAQRI Smart Helmet™ during the Intel Keynote address, literally setting the stage for industrial augmented reality.

But what can you expect to find from DAQRI at CES 2017?

This year, we’re elevating the bar for industrial wearables as we unveil DAQRI Smart Glasses™, our new form factor brings augmented reality to environments where hard hat protection isn’t a necessity. At DAQRI, we’re happy to have Intel inside our products, providing the processing power it takes to deliver cutting edge experiences and solutions. Get ahead of the curve and witness the absolute latest in DAQRI technology at the Intel booth (Central Hall booth #10048).

At the VESA booth (South Hall S1 #20612), experience industrial AR firsthand as you wear DAQRI Smart Helmet and engage with augmented work instructions. After announcing DAQRI Smart Helmet last year, we’re excited to be able to share the product with everyone in attendance.

where to find daqri at ces 2

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