DAQRI Smart Helmet®: Utilities and Power

DAQRI Smart Helmet® Scenario: Utilities and Power Lock Out/Tag Out

December 28, 2016

dsh utilities and power lockout

Previously, we examined the impact that augmented reality, delivered by DAQRI Smart Helmet™, can have on aerospace, onshore oil and gas, and heavy manufacturing.

Let’s think of how DAQRI Smart Helmet can improve lock out/tag out procedures.

Imagine a plant operator/maintainer at a utilities and power facility.

We’ll call her Holly.

Holly is tasked with a maintenance work order on a piece of rotating equipment. Volumes of paperwork, from the work order to instructions to the maintenance logbook, are needed to take the task from start to finish. They also keep her hands busy as she is forced to refer to them to get her job done.

Now, let’s give Holly DAQRI Smart Helmet and see how things change.

Holly’s work order and work instructions are now displayed on her DAQRI Smart Helmet. She then uses DAQRI Smart Helmet to place a Vin Object LOTO tag on the correct motor starter bucket in the Motor Control Center (MCC). She also places the physical lockout tag. She then goes to the field where the equipment is located and performs the work per the work order. Holly places a Vin Object on the equipment in the field for visibility. This includes Information about the work order. This Vin Object remains in place when multiple days are required to perform the work, so others walking by can see the Vin Object and get information on the work order status, if needed. Once work is complete, Holly can update the maintenance logbook digitally via DAQRI Smart Helmet, sending that information back into the system.

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Helmet?

Historical data, process data, work instructions, work orders, and maintenance logbook are all available through the interface on DAQRI Smart Helmet with hands-free access, freeing the worker’s hands to perform their tasks and improve the lockout speed. Proper machine maintenance keeps workers and equipment safe. With the certainty of guidance, error rates are reduced, as well as downtime and the potential for exposure to OSHA fines (which can run $70k per machine occurrence).

But how does Holly feel?

Holly feels secure — secure in the knowledge that she’s performing the right operations on the correct equipment, but also secure because she knows she’s providing valuable service to keep herself and her fellow employees safe on the job with properly functioning, well-kept machinery.

This has been another example of how DAQRI Smart Helmet improves process and performance. Imagine what working it into your workflow will accomplish for you.

Now, stop imagining, because DAQRI Smart Helmet is available to change the way you work today.

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