Work Instructions in Lean Manufacturing

DAQRI Smart Glasses Scenario #3: Guided Work Instructions in Lean Manufacturing

January 10, 2017

We’ve touched on how DAQRI Smart Glasses™ can improve jet engine maintenance inspection and inventory in lean manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at another way DAQRI Smart Glasses can affect your day-to-day work.

Imagine a worker performing assembly.

We’ll call him Mike.

dsg lean manufacturing 1
Mike has to consult 3D CAD models and paper instructions for reference, slowing down his workflow, and frequently requiring one or both of his hands for access. While he can follow these schematics, there are no guarantees of accuracy.

Now, let’s give Mike DAQRI Smart Glasses and see how things change.

Before Mike puts on DAQRI Smart Glasses, engineers on Mike’s team create augmented work instructions to guide each worker through their tasks.

dsg lean manufacturing 2

Mike, wearing DAQRI Smart Glasses, can now view these model-based instructions where he’s performing his assembly work. He is able to interact with the augmented work instructions, delivered directly to his viewpoint, from any perspective needed, reducing the number of prepared details required and increasing first time quality. Additionally, Mike can identify the right equipment and tools needed along the way to properly complete each step and task.

dsg lean manufacturing 3

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Glasses?

Efficiency and accuracy. With the addition of DAQRI Smart Glasses, procedures will always be expertly followed, even for someone performing a task for the first time.

But how does Mike feel?

Mike feels empowered, because actionable, contextually-relevant information is always available to him throughout his workday, ensuring a job well done every time.

Be like Mike and join the DAQRI Smart Glasses Developer Program right now.

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