Inventory in Lean Manufacturing

DAQRI Smart Glasses Scenario #2: Inventory in Lean Manufacturing

January 09, 2017

Our previous example highlighted the impact of DAQRI Smart Glasses™ on a jet engine maintenance inspection. But suppose you don’t deal directly with jets on a daily basis.

How will DAQRI Smart Glasses impact your industry? Let’s take a look at the way DAQRI Smart Glasses can impact Lean Manufacturing.

Imagine a worker performing inventory.

We’ll call her Jessica.
dsg inventory scenario 1
Jessica has to keep an accurate, ongoing count of supplies, regardless of whatever other factors impact her work. She has to physically checkmark an inventory sheet. She also must be sure she chooses the correct element, even in the face of striking visible similarities.

Now, let’s give Jessica DAQRI Smart Glasses and see how things change.

dsg inventory scenario 2

Jessica, wearing DAQRI Smart Glasses, receives an inventory request. DAQRI Smart Glasses make this request visible in augmented reality without impeding her ability to act on it and without the need to occupy her hands with a physical paper copy. The necessary components required to complete the request are properly identified and highlighted, while the stock of the remaining units is also monitored. Completed, the inventory is logged by DAQRI Smart Glasses and instantly available to anyone who needs to access inventory status.

dsg inventory scenario 3

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Glasses?

Reduction in errors and time. With the help of DAQRI Smart Glasses, materials are always properly routed and accounted for. Additionally, time to completion is noted, which can lead to further process improvement.

But how does Jessica feel?

Jessica feels confident because her supervisor provided her with the tools to unerringly do her job to the absolute best of her ability.

Imagine a perfectly organized and accurate inventory. Imagine gathering the collective knowledge of all of your employees into one easily-accessed place.

The great thing about all of this? You don’t have to imagine, because you can join the DAQRI Smart Glasses Developer Program right now.

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