DAQRI at South by South Lawn

December 15, 2016

All big changes start with that important first step.

Years ago, DAQRI took its first step in the direction of Augmented Reality, and we haven’t looked back. Since then, we’ve been working hard to fulfill our promise of bringing Augmented Reality everywhere — starting with industries, and tackling the future of work, and then moving into everyday life.

We’re taking another important step this coming week — right onto the White House Lawn — at the first South by South Lawn (SXSL) event, a White House festival of arts, ideas, and action. At SXSL, we’ll introduce the leaders of our nation, and all of America, to the incredible things happening at DAQRI, our breakthrough technologies, and our vision for a future that fosters innovation and collaboration.

At DAQRI, one of our goals is to create technology that improves safety, increases efficiency, and makes knowledge more accessible to workers. It’s because of that goal that we’re looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our revolutionary DAQRI Smart Helmet. Furthermore, we hope to provide the latest information on next generation phase modulator displays and additional cutting edge computer vision products.

Join the conversation.

Tune-in at Facebook.com/daqriAR to watch our Founder and CEO Brian Mullins discuss his insights on the future of augmented reality while participating in the afternoon panel LA, a Case Study in Innovation on October 3rd at 4PM EST.

We’re thrilled to take this next exciting step and show the world what we’re building here at DAQRI.

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