GE Reports: Beyond Gaming

The industrial case for augmented reality The demonstration of the Hololens, Microsoft’s new augmented reality (AR) glasses, left more than one Minecraft fan in awe during last June’s E3 conference (shown below). With just a voice command, the user managed to project the game from 2D screen onto a 3D structure lying on a real,
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AUTODESK: Augmented Reality Becomes Real

You should already be familiar with the term augmented reality (AR), although you may have dismissed it in the past. The slow fade of Google Glass is the most high-profile attempt that fell short of expectations and practical application. Its heads-up display allows users to capture the world around them and access introductory AR apps such as
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Technology has become a part of our life. With the surge of internet of things, smart gadgets and various new startups, technology is slowly changing our lives. We can expect technology to take over our lives completely in the not so distant future. We recently brought you 7 futuristic technologies that will change the way we commute and
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Silicon Republic: The future of work is augmented reality paired with next-gen wearables

At Inspirefest 2015, Daqri co-founder Gaia Dempsey discussed the potential worldwide impact of augmented reality when combined with next-generation wearables and the internet of things. Dempsey presented during the internet of things (IoT) session atInspirefest, recognising how augmented reality (AR) can make IoT visible by giving embedded devices a digital interface. A prime example of this revolutionary
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The Economist: GE Look Ahead

Connecting minds and machines By GE Look ahead Many associate augmented reality (AR) with the world of gaming. There, the immersive experiences AR offers are as impressive as they are exciting. In the workforce, however, the real added value of AR will be its ability to make insights from machine intelligence available to the average
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