HOT TOPICS: What are the key trends in digital medicine?

Technology is disrupting the provision of healthcare and medicine on a global basis. What changes can we expect to see in the coming years? Gone are the days when healthcare was confined to a doctor’s office or a hospital. Information technology has introduced the age of digital medicine, and a growing number of traditional and
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DESIGN NEWS: Augmented Reality Is Finding Success in Enterprise

There is no doubt that augmented reality is a powerful next step in computing. Blurring the lines between the physical and the digital, AR will allow us to engage in the real world while leveraging all the benefits of being connected. While there are tremendous opportunities in the consumer space for AR, augmented reality is
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FLIPP: Innovation in Hollywood: There’s something happening here

There’s something slightly unexpected brewing in Hollywood and it’s not a hot new movie project. Innovation in Hollywood is driving a flood of entrepreneurial activity, making LA the fastest growing hub for start-ups in the US. Technology entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are converging in Southern California to launch a whole new breed of entertainment, gaming,
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DUBLIN GLOBE: Augmented Reality Gets Real In Dublin

Meet Dublin’s Augmented Reality players, with Daqri, Panokam, Logograb & more. After years of false starts in the consumer space, augmented reality looks set to make a breakthrough in industrial use, according to Gaia Dempsey, managing director of Daqri International. Daqri develops both hardware and software for the augmented reality sector, with its recently opened Dublin office
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RE/CODE: Choose Your Reality: Virtual, Augmented or Mixed

A Microsoft PR rep recently shut me down mid-sentence. I was starting to ask a question about HoloLens, the company’s augmented-reality glasses. “It’s not augmented reality,” the rep interrupted. “It’s mixed reality.” My first thought: Well, excuuuuuse me. After getting over my stubbornness and doing some more research, I realized the rep was right. HoloLens and other “mixed reality” tech
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