Gizmodo: Crayola’s New Coloring Books Bring Your Creations To Life With an App

Coloring books might seem like an antiquated plaything given all the drawing and painting apps available for tablets, but learning to master a colored pencil or crayon and stay within the lines helps develop hand-eye coordination. So instead of trying to convince kids to put down their tablets (or phones) Crayola’s instead created a line
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re/code: Crayola, Daqri Partner to Make Kids’ Crayon Drawings 3-D

Fairly or unfairly, the field of augmented reality — using technology like iPads or Google Glass to add graphics or information on top of the real world — often gets tagged as childish or gimmicky. But you know who likes childish gimmicks? Children. For example: A fun new partnership between Los Angeles-based augmented reality firm
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Drive The District: Welcome to the 4th Dimension

4D technology is a thing of the present, and it’s being developed in your backyard. DAQRI is the world’s leading augmented reality developer, and it’s based right here in Los Angeles. Bringing two-dimensional images to life is DAQRI’s specialty, allowing users to play with media in a new way. The company provides custom software and
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Los Angeles Times: Hollywood is giving tech start-ups the star treatment

Japanese technology entrepreneur Ken Fukazawa was in San Francisco in March when his geeky friends told him about something awesome coming up in Los Angeles. Walt Disney Co. was opening its doors to selected start-ups for a summer of intensive mentoring. Fukazawa couldn’t think of anything better to help his company grow than the brand
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The Atlantic: Big Ideas Pose Big Challenges – But the Payoff is Huge

ABU DHABI — The intersection of culture and code. The balance of privacy and progress. Skills acquired online, in person and outside the traditional classroom. These and other big ideas were among the topics that panelists and speakers explored Wednesday during the afternoon session of the “What’s Next? Navigating Global Challenges with the Innovation Generation”,
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