GigaOm: The future of industrial IoT might be wearables

We all know IoT is going to be huge, and as with most technology, the industrial IoT will eventually eclipse its consumer equivalent. But it is certainly in no rush. From smart socks to smart homes, consumer tech is flying off the shelves, but industrial IoT is taking its time. There’s a good reason for
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LA Times: Tech scene takes hold in revitalized downtown L.A.

During the L.A. tech scene’s fledgling days, entrepreneurs would joke about never going east of the 405. Now, they’re not just venturing beyond that once-unthinkable border, they’re taking their companies with them. Like many Angelenos, they’ve become charmed by the new, revitalized downtown. The city’s vibrant geographic core, they say, is central, cool and relatively
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SPAR Point Group: Inside DAQRI’s Invite-Only 4D Augmented Reality Expo

Several years ago Raytheon had a big problem with one of their satellites in production, of which only one is manufactured a year. A line worker had inadvertently used the wrong torque wrench, and the resulting trouble only became clear down the line when the insulation was damaged. Production was halted for three months to
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Upload: Daqri Has Acquired an EEG Headband Company to Integrate Their Tech into an Industrial Augmented Reality Helmet

During a 4D Expo hosted in Los Angeles, information was released about an aquisition by an augmented reality company Daqri, all in an effort to make one the most cutting edge AR system the world has ever seen. The firm they picked up is called Melon who has been making smart headbands for a couple
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Los Angeles Business Journal: Daqri Buys Smart Headband Maker Melon

Daqri, an enterprise augmented reality company in downtown Los Angeles, has acquired Melon, a Venice wearable tech company, for an undisclosed sum. Melon manufactures a headband and mobile app that monitor brain activity and provide users with data on their cognitive performance. Five-year-old Daqri, led by founder and Chief Executive Brian Mullins, said in a
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